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Our Factory
Zhuhai Core Smart Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in early 2017 in the beautiful coastal town of Zhuhai, Guangdong. The company's main services involve providing cash register, All in one POS, POS terminal, label printers, thermal printers and related peripheral equipment for business customers at home and abroad. The company is committed to provide the best match for the customer with the intelligent printing products and provide the best all-in-one ticket printing solution.
Zhuhai Core Smart Equipment Co., Ltd is a highly efficient, innovative, and flexible company, with integrity. Through the company's efficient office and business partners, we continue to offer the best services to our clients with the latest leading edge technology product.

At present, the company's products have been expanded to overseas export, and it goes throughout Europe, Australia and southeast Asia, which cover the industries in transportation, logistics, catering, retail and others. While the company is developing, we are continuing to provide classic models, and introducing the latest product in Internet ticket printing and related equipment, such as the popular listed android handheld printers, android tablet printer, and portable printer and so on to meet the users' demands.

We sincerely welcome all customers to contact us for consultation regarding technical know-how, industry鈥檚 trend for our product with our technical team.

Our Product
Cash register, POS terminal, Portable printer, Thermal printer, Label printer, Android Printer, Barcode scanner.Zhuhai Core Smart Equipment Co., Ltd

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