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Our History
Our company was established on june 3, 2019. In that year, we began to produce prestressed hollow slab forming machine, purlin forming machine, lintel wood forming machine and light wallboard machine. In 2020, we began to produce sanitation equipment mainly based on sweeper. In 2021, the crawler series, three wheel and four-wheel transport vehicles began production, and in 2022, the whole company started the R & D and manufacturing of cranes and 3-16 on-board cranes.

Our Factory
Our company mainly produces a variety of mechanical equipment with domestic advanced level, such as prestressed hollow slab forming machine, purlin forming machine, lintel and wood forming machine, light wallboard machine, crane, truck mounted crane, crawler transport vehicle, sweeper and so on. The design is scientific, reasonable and durable. Among them, the concrete equipment has simple operation, fast forming speed, dense extrusion, high strength, smooth and tidy plane, saving time, labor and convenient maintenance It has long service life and reduces the cost of prefabricated components, so that each component factory has strong competitiveness and high economic benefits.

Our Product
The first series: concrete floor machine, concrete column forming machine, concrete lintel forming machine, super thick and large-span international concrete floor machine, concrete enclosure machine, and various special-shaped precast unit forming machines are designed and customized according to user needs.

The second series: 5-16 crane, three wheeled transport vehicle, four wheeled transport vehicle, 3-16 truck mounted crane

The second series: sweeper and remote control cutting machine

The fourth series: 1-15t crawler transporter, crawler crane, crawler elevator.

Product Application
Building materials processing industry, hoisting industry, environmental sanitation industry and field engineering operation

Our Certificate

Production Equipment
One 630kVA transformer, one 5T gantry crane, two intelligent boring machines, one intelligent planer, one large boring and planing integrated machine tool, five welding robots, one 75kW diesel generator, one 16t truck crane, one four column hydraulic machine, one air compressor, five automatic sub arc welding machines, five AC welding machines, one CNC cutting machine, one bending machine, one edge planing and beveling machine, one oil pressure folding machine, and one air compressor, One automatic derusting grinder and four spray guns.

Production Market
With strong technical force and excellent workmanship, our products sell well in dozens of provinces, cities and regions across the country and are exported to Russia, Uzbekistan and Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa and other dozens of countries and regions are modern enterprises integrating science, industry and trade. Over the years, due to the timely innovation of products, stable quality, simple operation, long service life and easy maintenance, they have won the trust of customers. It has long cooperated with provincial, municipal and local technical colleges and universities to develop new technologies and high-quality new products, elaborately developed and produced three series of more than 40 varieties of building materials and equipment, with sophisticated technology, advanced process standards and unified standards for spare parts.

Our Service
Pay attention to quality, service and management, and regard customers as God forever. Parts are sent promptly and quickly, customer visits and technical guidance are accepted 24 hours a day, and lifelong maintenance services and spare parts are provided. Our factory has always been "customer-oriented" to provide customers with overall and comprehensive services; "Service as the core" to create the most valuable products for customers; "Focus on quality" and provide all-round service to every customer! Exquisite products, perfect services and preferential prices are the business tenets of Shuangli people. The product quality is the key to win in the market competition and the foundation of enterprise development. We sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life to share a win-win situation with strict management and the principle of "good faith, quality and service".China 6ton Track Dump Truck

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