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Product Description
UVC air purification and disinfection machine has the characteristics of small size, quiet, efficient purification, energy saving and high efficiency, and easy maintenance. The equipment includes a new type of UV sterilization system, axial flow fan, plasma air purification components, activated carbon multiple composite filters, etc. After the fan is started, the indoor and outdoor air is sucked in, passes through the activated carbon multi-composite filter screen, and then enters the plasma purification component and UV sterilization system to sterilize and purify the inhaled air, and finally discharges the clean air into the room through the air inlet.

Product performance and advantages
1. UV sterilization system, efficient sterilization, high efficiency and energy saving, easy maintenance. Experiments by SETi in South Korea and Viosys in Seoul showed that UVC technology can kill the new coronavirus within 30 seconds;
2. Using activated carbon multi-composite filter adsorption material;
3. Medical grade touch screen, high stability and strong anti-interference;
4. Through accurate calculation of exhaust pressure, flow rate, system resistance, etc., the maximum air handling capacity is as high as 500m3/h;
5. The fan used has stable operation, low noise, large flow, small vibration and long life;
6. The host is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is durable and sturdy. Surface electrostatic spray treatment, not easy to paint and rust;
7. Small size, plug and play, meet different space requirements.

Product technical parameters
Overall dimensions (L W H)959*420*305 mm
Rated air volume500 m鲁/h
Operate time120 min
Applicable volume鈮?0m鲁
Complete life5骞?/p>
UV leakage锛?碌w/cm2
Amount of ozone in the air during disinfection锛?.1mg/m3
Power100WDisinfection And Purification Series Customized

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