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My baby is 10 and half weeks old and has a bottle between 7-8. How long is your baby sleeping for before wanting a bottle. If they do wake up in the night, do you comfort them before offering a bottle or do they go to sleep from comforting.

I dont dream feed at 10-11and wake him as he tends to gulp his food and needs to be winded and would be terrified if he choked in crib.

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Hu i dreamfeed and burp my baby she sleeps througj the burping.... Kine wake up every 2 to 3 hours for a feed  but id I hear her staer to moun i get everythinf ready take her out of the cot whem everything is ready then i feed her while she's still asleep its beter to dreamfeed as they just sleep faster afterwords sometimes she eakes up during the feed but falls asleep almost instantly when she is on my chest when i burp he she is 4 weeks old.... Keep in mimd if you give breastmelk insyeds of formula baby can wake up earlier as breastmilk digest quicker than formula