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My 3-month-old baby has been constipated for over a week and is experiencing difficulty passing stools. What can I do to help relieve their constipation?
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Constipation can be uncomfortable for babies, but there are several steps you can take to help relieve their symptoms. Firstly, ensure that your baby is getting enough fluids by offering them breast milk or formula more frequently. If your baby has started solid foods, include high-fiber options like pureed prunes or pears in their diet. Gentle tummy massages and bicycle leg movements can also stimulate bowel movements. Additionally, make sure your baby is having plenty of tummy time as this can aid digestion. If these measures don't provide relief, consult your pediatrician who may recommend using glycerin suppositories or other safe laxatives specifically designed for infants. Remember to always follow the guidance of your healthcare provider when treating constipation in babies.

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 u better work on what you are eating and take more water and vegetables and fruits especially if u are breastfeeding,  that works for me. especially when i eat rice many times 
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Take one spoon water and a pinch of hing. Dissolve the hing in water completely. Now apply this solution  around baby's naval area and massage it for 2 mins. Keep for 5 mins and then wipe off with wet cloth.