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Together with the we conducted research about the Teaching a Baby to Sleep in Seven Days.
Sleep is very crucial for babies. This is important for both development and health purposes. Each and every parent or a caregiver should adopt methods to help the baby sleep independently. First, a caregiver or a parent should establish a regular bedtime routine. The routine is composed of feeding the baby, singing for him/her or giving the baby a warm bath (Sadeh, 2001). These actions will enable the baby adopt the bedtime stimulus to sleep. The routine reinforces the baby’s biological rhythms inducing sleep to the baby. Scheduling this routine at different times in the day will make the baby get sleepy when routine time approaches (Sadeh, 2001). On the same, the caregiver can train a baby to sleep by using sleep associations, such as holding teddy bears, pacifiers or bottles. Any time a baby is given a teddy bear, he/she thinks it is time to sleep. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure good sleeping habits in the baby before the formation of any other habits. This may be achieved by setting time for both daytime nap and the overall night bedtime. In so doing, the baby knows what is expected of him when the specified time approaches. Secondly, the parent should be flexible with the night parenting styles (Giordano, 2006). Feeding and breastfeeding the babies would induce sleep in them. In addition, the parent may adopt the daytime mellowing techniques. This is because a peaceful sleep in the day would prompt restful sleep at night, for example, holding the baby to influence sleep during the day will help sleep whenever the caregiver holds the baby. Lastly, another technique is tanking up, when the caregiver induces sleep to the baby during the day. This is done by showing the baby that daytime is specifically for eating and walking around. In reverse, the baby should be shown that nighttime is y for sleeping. This would be achieved by the caregiver’s pace setting the whole issue (Giordano, 2006). The caregiver should ensure the baby is fed every three hours a day. During the night, the caregiver should fully feed the baby and induce sleep in the baby by sleeping together. Following the above techniques, the baby sleeps independently in a week (Giordano, 2006).


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