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Please help, my two months old baby has rashes under her hairs scales fall out whenever I try to comb it she cries..please wat  can I do..

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Gently rub your baby's scalp with your fingers or a washcloth to loosen the scales. ... 

Wash your baby's hair once a day with mild baby shampoo. ... 

If the scales don't loosen easily, rub petroleum jelly or a few drops of mineral oil onto your baby's scalp. It's not a thing to worry about because it usually comes off on its own so don't try to scratch or comb her hair  because you might have a more severe problem due to infection on her head. 
Thank u very much I appreciate
You can also try applying coconut oil to the scalp to keep it moisturized or you can apply ~1tsp to baby's bath water.
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Take some oil in a pan...put a little amount of salt and 2 to 3 small ilaichi..then put the pan on stove.

Let it be on stove until salt looks like it's burned

Let the oil cool down and then apply on anywhere on baby's body to get rid of rashes