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I had C-section 5days ago and my breasts are big and seem to have milk inside quiet alright but my nipples are way flat and inside so when she was born It was hard for me to breastfeed her cause she couldn't find the nipples instead of starving her I decided to buy formula and I've been using it for 5days milk hasn't been coming out so I bought a beast pamp to help, they are getting swollen and painful, the breast pump helps Abit because Abit of milk comes out but it takes long.. please I've tried everything what could be wrong, I need your help

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Use a warm towel first on your breast before pumping the milk..... it always help me.... same happend to me .. I had  c section and ny breast were filled with milk but it was not coming out so I used a warm towel and then pumped the milk... within 2 to 3 days ur breast would be very normally taking the milk out....