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My 2 week old son has at least 1 diaper leak per day. I am not 100% sure but the leak seems to always be along the top of the diaper, near the sides. Initial reading tells me that this is a common problem overnight but in our case it is happening at any time of day.

Are there any techniques, products or suggestions to prevent diaper leaks like this from happening?

The laundry situation is busy enough as it is... thanks in advance!

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One possibility is that the diaper is the wrong size. Diaper leaks sometimes indicate that it is time to move on to a larger diaper (it can also indicate that the diaper is too big, but that should be fairly self-evident from putting the diaper on). For a 2 week old, though, this seems unlikely.

Another reason for leaks is that the diaper is not being changed frequently enough. Given how frequently newborns soil a diaper, this is a possibility.

When our son was first born, we ran into another complication with leaks. We found that ensuring that his penis was aimed down when we put a new diaper on reduced the chance of a leaky diaper. If it pointed up he would frequently leak out the top of the diaper, or occasionally through one of the legs.
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I had this same problem...sometimes the diaper may be either to big or too small