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I am from Turkey and in Turkish the word for father is baba and dede for grandpa. Our 17 month old baby girl follows me all day with repeated baba but rarely says anne for mommy. As much as this flatters me, I feel my wife might be a bit down. Should I be concerned?

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Usually children learn the words they need to know to get particular types of attention first, and use them most frequently.

So while there may be many reasons for her to choose saying "baba" and "dede" more frequently than "anne" one possibility is that you and grandpa don't pay as much attention to her as her mother. When she wants her mother's attention, she may already have it.

Mother might be anticipating her needs or paying attention more carefully to her other cues.

You and Grandpa, however, might not notice when she is trying to grab your attention unless she uses those words.

If this is the case - and clearly it's only one possibility of many - then if mom wants her to use "anne" to get mom's attention, she will have to let your daughter be a little more independent, stop anticipating her needs, and require her to ask for things she wants - including mom's attention.

In other words, it would be up to mom and the daughter to decide how best to communicate. If neither of them feel it necessary for the daughter to use "anne" then they won't.

This behavior actually speaks in favor of the closeness of their relationship, and probably shouldn't be viewed negatively.
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The saying I heard since I was a child was "walking by one, talking by two." She'll get there! My son called me 'ball' for quite a while after he could say 'Daddy,' but who gets the lion's share of the kisses and snuggles? :)

If you have serious concerns about her development, see your pediatrician. However, this internet stranger's opinion, based on information from 3 sentences, is this is perfectly normal and your daughter's vocabulary will progress as she grows and learns.
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You certainly shouldn't be concerned! When she is a little older, standing behind you trying to get your attention while yo are trying to do some work, or just have a conversation, the constant "Dad!, Dad!, Dad!, Dad!...... Dad!" wont be in the least bit flattering :)

Seriously, it could simply be that Mum gives her more immediate attention than you do - so she 'knows' that just looking up at Mum will get her what she wants - while Dad jsut takes a bit more persuasion.

She's starting in the right way - controlling you :)