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I am sure there are children out there who do like munching on broccolis and feasting on spinach, but most of the children I know don't like veggies. Mine are especially suspicious of anything resembling a vegetable (especially a green one). We never force them, we don't bargain with them and we keep offering them vegetables at every meal (we eat with them and they see us eating lots of fresh veggies). However they refuse to even try (they're 18 months old) and if they are only given vegetables, they'd rather not eat at all that giving it a go. Their diet is otherwise good: they are happy drinking vegetable juice and in general like eating fruits. They also eat wholemeal foods, grains and cereals as well as proteins (meat, fish and dairy products).

I am wondering why (my) children don't like vegetables. Why don't they have a natural instinct to eat stuff that is good for their body?

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Kid's taste buds get regenerated every seven days on average, while it's much longer for adults. Therefore kids really dislike food with a strong taste (like spinach).

Humans tend to avoid vegetables, which are often bitter, for reasons of evolution: Bitter-tasting foods were often not good for health

Should we force children to eat vegetables? It is best to choose vegetables they like and as and when they grow up, bring in other vegetables. Forcing children to eat certain foods could develop real dislikes they keep all their lives. For a long time I could not stand canned tomatoes because I was repeatedly forced to eat tomato soup (which I hated).